This past weekend, Richard and I headed out to the wilderness to enjoy some time away from the city. This Saturday trip wasn’t planned out accordingly like how we usually do. It was more of a ‘spur of the moment’ trip!

Originally, we planned to hike at Devil’s Punchbowl (located in the Angeles National Forest/San Gabriel Mountains). We didn’t leave as early as we usually do either as I really wanted to get a good breakfast in beforehand. This was the first road trip for Mr. Grey also! (See previous blog post).

We’ve both never been to Devil’s Punchbowl so we were very excited. However; as usual, I messed up the navigation that Richard pointed out and my route led us through the mountains rather than the easier/safer route AROUND it. He wanted to avoid going through the mountains because of all of the bikers, racers & winding roads. My bad..

After driving for about 50 minutes, we located a small little town and decided to check out whatever grocery store they had since we didn’t take the time to grab snacks earlier. Richard pointed out this tourist shop and I admit, I was skeptical about it but it’s actually really cool inside! The shop had a bunch of random tourist knick knacks from POP! figures, gemstones, superheroes, household items and old reprinted maps from the 1700’s. We ended up buying a couple of old maps, jerky, a trail mix of different nuts and this amazing chili covered pineapples.

I’m literally stilled obsessed over the chili covered pineapples even after savoring each piece up until midnight that night. Lol. Someone teach me the recipe for the chili!


After the tourist shop, we headed back on the road for about 20 more minutes to “South Fork Campground”. Once arrived, we had to venture off the main road on dirt to access the campground but unfortunately the parking there was all reserved previously.

On the way up, we noticed a strong flowing creek and decided to go back and check it out. We’re sure glad we did!

All of the green flourishing throughout the creek was a sight to see. We explored through the forest in hopes of finding a good spot to hang up a hammock that I bought Richard for his birthday. Unfortunately the trees there weren’t suitable for the hammock and we have to wait until the next adventure to finally use it.

After exploring for a bit, Richard stopped me in my tracks and pointed out a fresh animal print in the mud. Right at that moment, our trip became a fight for survival against whatever animal it was. I may be exaggerating a bit but all we had were trekking poles, a knife and hand sanitizer haha. Anyways, we survived (of course), and we think it was this German Shepherd that we saw with it’s owner on the way back to the car.

All was not lost though, we sure did have a good time exploring and enjoyed being secluded from the city. The sun took a lot out of us and we KO’d as soon as we got back home lol.

Here are some photos that we took!