The time has finally come! Richard and I bought plane tickets for May back in December to Portland, Oregon (for our first anniversary trip). It’s been a long wait but we were extremely excited to leave our day-to-day lives and just explore a new city. Richard has been to Portland before but I haven’t! Originally we planned to fly to Alaska but we think going there in the summer would be much better. Since Portland is one of those typical bucket list locations, we decided to head there to check it off my list!

We got up so early Tuesday morning following the Memorial weekend celebration. 4:45 AM! It may not sound or seem so early for some but we’re just so used to sleeping in to the point of almost being late for work everyday haha. My good friend Lucas was willing to drive us to LAX and the drive was pretty decent for a Tuesday morning in Los Angeles.

We had a one way trip flying Southwest that covered about 2 hours. We both got a lot of reading in! (We’re both getting back into reading novels.. him more than me but I’m getting there)!

Once arrived, we took the MAX; which is a method of transportation by train. Definitely not as fast as the trains back home. Our impressions of the hotel we stayed at wasn’t all too pleasing.. It was pretty dead inside and you can tell that the hotel was really old based off their old wood flooring of the elevator and really dingy broken tiles in the restroom. BUT, the hotel was cheap and at a perfect spot from the MAX (literally, like 50 feet away) and downtown Portland.

We didn’t have a rental car just yet so we took about 5 or 6 Lyft’s that first day. Most people here were really friendly and gave us advice on tourist spots we should check out and that was super helpful! We usually go off of Yelp reviews, but I think advice from actual natives is where the good recommendations are at.

We had lunch at this brewery public house called Deschutes. The food and beer were pretty good! A very good start for Portland.

After lunch, we headed to Powell’s Bookstore. Richard kept talking about how he loved this new/used bookstore and I was pretty excited to check it out for myself! The bookstore was huge and had so many different sections separated by colors. I kept comparing it to the bookstore in DTLA, The Last Bookstore (another great one). We came to this bookstore about two times during our stay and grabbed a few new books.

For dinner we came to this Peruvian restaurant called Andina to celebrate Richard getting his PE license! (Professional Engineering License). He studied so hard for his three (3) tests and passed them all on his first shot! I was/still am incredibly proud of him and can’t wait to see where life takes him. This place was great! Richard came here with his friends on his first visit and if he thinks its good, I’m usually willing to take his word on that and try it out for myself. We ordered drinks and different appetizer plates to share. We had these amazing carne empanadas’ *drool*, anticuchos de corazón (beef heart kebobs), and anticuchos de pulp (octopus)!

The carne empanadas’ were definitely the winner. Handsss downnn.

Before we headed back to the hotel to rest, we just had to stop for some dessert. And when in Portland, you need to get your hands on Voodoo Doughnuts. The line wasn’t too bad at all, it gave me time to focus on what doughnut I wanted lol. We let the employee pick a dozen for us but we didn’t realize that they also had plain normal doughnuts and that’s what was originally given to us. We were reluctant at first to ask the employee to switch our doughnuts with some awesome voodoo versions only because she already looked upset but whatever, how often do we come to Portland?! We came just in time for their 14th anniversary celebration.

Below are some photos from Day 1. Keep reading as there is much more to share!


Our view from the hotel.


Downtown Portland.


Overlooking out our hotel.

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