Our second day on vacation calls for a nature adventure!

We woke up early to finally get our rental car and leave the Lyft life behind lol. We originally selected a Jeep Renegade as our rental but unfortunately it was no longer an option 😦 About a month before our trip we decided to make it our ‘thing’ to rent funny looking cars that we would never buy if we ever decided on a rental car for our trips. Sadly the first trip after deciding on this did not go according to plan haha. We did however get a bigger SUV, the Nissan Rogue. I’m not sure what year this car was as it looked a lot different from the Rogues’ you see driving around today. Still was a great car! Richard fell in love with it and we named it Finnick. (I said Persephone at first but we decided that he was a boy).

As soon as we got the car we headed out on the road to Eagle Creek. We were looking at different nature hikes Oregon has to offer and I came across Eagle Creek. But first things first, breakfast. We found this diner on the way that had pretty decent food and I guess they are actually a chain! On the way up after breakfast, we came across a Salmon habitation center where they breed probably billions of salmon. I’m assuming they keep the salmon inhabited until they are old enough to be released into nature. We snapped a couple of pictures and continued our way to the hike starting point.

This place was beautiful.

From the very start, we were blown away by all of the green and huge trees that we don’t normally see in SoCal. Oregon gets so much rainfall and we could definitely see the effects. We had to cross over multiple bridges and even walk across a small path alongside the hills! That path had railings installed that we had to hold on to as the rocks beneath us were covered with flowing water. (Probably the scariest part tbh).

We came across this punchbowl that was the end of another trail and it was so surreal! I thought it was some kind of mermaid lagoon and I wanted to jump in so bad! Stupidly I forgot to take pictures of it. I also regretted not bringing my drone because it would’ve been the perfect spot to take a video.

After our hike we came to this diner and grabbed some pizza. We then got some ice cream from this small shack and headed our way to this park across the street with a great view of the river.

We ended the day with a sushi boat. Yes, a sushi boat. Totally worth the price. We ate outside in downtown and it was surprisingly quiet for it being in downtown but hey, it was in fact a Wednesday after all.

Check out the many pictures from our second day below and keep reading for the next day when we check out the beaches Oregon has to offer!


Salmon habitation.


That small path with the guard rails!