06.01.17 – 06.03.17

I’ve decided to cram the final days of our northwest trip into this post!

After getting our nature hiking fix the other day, we really wanted to go and check out the beaches that Oregon has to offer. We got up early that day and headed out on the road to Astoria (where they shot the movie, The Goonies)! The weather was a little foggy but we assumed it was because of the marine layer. We stopped by this small film museum where they actually shot the jail scene in The Goonies. It was pretty small but I thought it was really neat to see behind the scenes. (I’m a film junkie and I was totes excited). Unfortunately, the original house was closed off from the public.

After the museum we headed out to the Astoria Column. This was a neat little place where we saw beautiful views of the area. Unfortunately we weren’t able to climb up the column as two HUGE buses came with tourists. Just our luck..


Afterwards, we finally headed out to Canon Beach!

This beach was absolutely jaw dropping. Being raised in California our whole lives, the beaches here could not compare at all! The beach looked as if it has never been touched by man and it was trash free! Definitely don’t get anything like this in California. We had planned to drone footage of the beach but the weather changed dramatically, so we couldn’t fly it. There was also a ton of birds nests above these rocks overlooking the ocean and I didn’t think it would be such a smart idea to release the drone in their territory. (It would have been a bloody massacre)!

Check out the images below:

We realized that spending a couple more days on vacation was slightly a bad idea. Not that the area sucked or anything, but we ran out of things to do! And that meant, spending more money when we could’ve been home relaxing already lol.

That Friday was my 23rd birthday (woo)! We planned out a fancy dinner at this restaurant overlooking all of Portland. I had made the reservations and requested to be sat by the window but unfortunately it wasn’t available. We both had the filet mignon. I had requested my steak to be cooked medium and Richard decided to get his medium rare. He sure did regret it.. His steak looked completely undercooked as if it were cow sashimi. I gave him props for actually eating it but dang, I would never. Luckily he didn’t get sick from it! We ended that day checking out the gay club scene (which wasn’t that great compared to West Hollywood back home). But it was fun nonetheless.

Our final day of vacation has come and we went to do what all tourists do when in Oregon. Visit Multnomah Falls! There was a ton of people there but the views were pretty worth it. We snagged a couple of great items from the gift shop too πŸ˜‰

It was still pretty early and we had time to spare before eating so we checked out this rose garden nearby. After walking our way through the rose garden, we grabbed lunch at this brewery recommended by one of our Lyft drivers. 10 Barrel Brewing Company. This place was pretty tasty and had easy drinking beers. They were very fast with getting our food out too!

We also got the chance to visit the Saturday Market that Portland offers. This market had a lot of artists’ work up for sale as well as food carts. We grabbed these interesting dumplings the other day from a food cart and today we decided on beef shawarma!

Before heading back to the airport, we also stopped by this Chinese Garden. We’ve been to many Japanese gardens in the past so we thought we’d check out a Chinese garden for a change. It was small but was still very beautiful.

Here are the rest of the photos from the trip! πŸ™‚