07.01.17 – 07.02.17

After a long week, Richard and I had planned to go up north to camp for the weekend.

A coworker of his suggested this campsite called, Tuttle Creek. His coworker told him about it awhile ago but we just never had the chance to go and check it out for ourselves. I worked that Friday so we decided to head out about 3 hours early Saturday morning. (4 AM)!

The drive up wasn’t too bad at all! It was actually quite nice to just hit the road, have good conversations and listen to music. We stopped a couple of times to pick up firewood & ice. The campsite was off this really small road that could only fit one car at a time. We we’re nervous to see if we got up early enough to get a camping spot as we couldn’t reserve it beforehand. Luckily, this campsite isn’t so busy and we got the best spot! There wasn’t any other campers nearby our site and having that private area to ourselves was perfect.

I spoke too soon..

Not long after, a couple of buses came by and parked in a lot directly in front of us. A group of firefighters in training marched out and began cardio around the campground. We weren’t sure how long they would remain there but one of them did come to us and let us know that there was an ongoing fire on the other side of the Sierras. A few of them began cutting down dead trees in the area to prevent any such wildfires if the flames ever got closer to our campground. We had thought that the firefighters would only stay for a couple of hours but they ended up staying the whole night! So much for our private estate lol.

Richard had found this list of camping foods the other day and I suggested that we make breakfast burritos and pigs in a blanket. He prepared the breakfast burritos the night before and they came out great! (I get credit for rolling the burritos 😉 ). Such an easy meal to heat up over a fire in a skillet.

We had gotten crescent dough rolls for the hot dogs and I thought it was quite clever of someone to think of bringing dough along camping. All we had to do was wrap the dough around the hot dog, wrap it gently in foil, and rotate it occasionally as if roasting a hot dog. Super easy!

Here’s the link for the camping food ideas: Country Living

Oh yeah, Richard had the genius idea to use the leftover dough as a dessert by wrapping it around Hershey chocolate bars and baking them over the campfire.

Oh. My. God.

(We’ve made some more back at home haha).

We pretty much just relaxed all day. He read his novel and I pretty much slept. (4 AM, remember)? 🙂 We did also check out the creek itself and it was flowing pretty nicely! Richard said it was because of the snow melting at the top of the Sierras. We took some pictures and posed for our own as well and I also brought the drone and took some shots of the landscape!

Check out the images from our weekend below:

We’re such professionals now 😉