A dark void.

The landscape isn’t how it was before. Darkness consumed. Shadows manifested everywhere. Undiscovered matter took over. Such a barren wasteland that used to be filled with life. What came with this change are thoughts that most people are afraid of. This place embraced those fears. You know that fear of falling when you’re asleep and it jolts you awake? This place makes imagination a reality. You just keep falling with that gut wrenching feeling that just never seems to fade away. Heartbreak, anxiety, confusion, stress, feeling weak, they’re all there. Such small little feelings that consume the best of us thrive like wildfire. What was once inhabited is no longer safe. Just stepping into this void brings out the worst in you. You get angry, sad, depressed, upset, vicious, territorial & suicidal. You think that there’s nothing left. No hope. You scream and yell all you want, but there’s no one hearing you. Not even an echo. Your thoughts turn dark and they are projected out of your mind. The shadows latch onto your thoughts and devours them whole.

But amid this dark forgotten world; the smallest change takes effect. Out in this wasteland, life takes form. The smallest leaflet appears through black ash. A single leaf. A change. Despite the conditions that have taken over, a leaflet managed to surface. A sign that everything will eventually be okay. What once thrived, will thrive again and it will continue to thrive and repair itself in due time. Just like all things do, it just takes some time.