My cousin Lisa, with her daughter Nev, moved from West Virginia to San Diego about six months ago. I have yet to visit them but I finally decided to drive down from LA for another weekend getaway!

I tried to leave earlier that Saturday but I just couldn’t find the strength to roll myself out of bed lol. I left maybe a couple of hours before noon. My theory was that if I left later in the day, I’d spend less money.. I think I made the right choice.

The drive there wasn’t too bad.. Of course there was the occasional bumper-to-bumper traffic but I felt that the amount of cars on the freeway was a bit of a bummer. After a couple of hours, I finally made it to her condominium neighborhood. Compared to what I have in LA, her general area was so much nicer! Granted, it is San Diego after all and the cost of living was ridiculous.

I lead my way to her condo and we caught up with each other for a bit then we headed out to grab lunch at Sushi Kyodai. The food was pretty bomb not gonna lie. I ordered a teriyaki chicken bento with salmon sashimi on the side while Lisa had the bulgogi bento and a bottom feeder roll with gyoza. Her daughter Nev is currently out in West Virginia spending her summer vacation.

After stuffing our faces, we headed back to her place to relax for a bit then headed back out to Sunset Cliffs.

Lisa had told me that while living in San Diego, she has yet to really explore! One of my friends suggested Sunset Cliffs as well as one of her coworkers. We hit the road for about half an hour and made it to the famous San Diego Sunset Cliffs.

This beach was beautiful.

Parking was easy to find and we walked alongside a manmade trail over to the cliffs. The view from above was really impressive. Down below were different types of sediment and out in the distance were surfers waiting for the perfect wave. I’ve never been here before but it definitely is a site I’d like to come back to and have a day picnic or something. It was a bit cold so we didn’t explore much. I plan on coming back here on a sunny day and actually make my way down the cliffs and explore the beach/caves.

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After the beach we headed over to grab dessert at this place called Boba and Dessert Bar. Apparently there is two locations with the same name but different companies! We learned the hard way by navigating to the wrong one first. 50/50 chance of getting the right location and we failed. (Mainly me.. as I was the one navigating smh). Once arrived, we ordered their popular puffle dessert as that was what they were known for. My cousin got the cookies and cream and I opted for the purple oreo (taro/ube mmm). I’m not a big fan of waffles so I didn’t finish it but the ice cream and toppings itself was really delicious! I’m trying to start getting in the habit of being more fit and healthy so this was the last dessert I planned on having for awhile. We’ll see how that goes..

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We then ended the day semi early by going to a Westfield mall for some quick shopping and coming back to her place for a movie night. I suggested the movie, The Impossible, with Spiderman: Homecoming star, Tom Holland and Ewan McGregor, Star Wars. It is a movie based on true events during the tsunami hit in Thailand back in 2004. I highly recommend it but be warned as some scenes are very gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Bring the tissues.

My short trip to San Diego was both fun and relaxing. I spent the night and left so very early in the morning to avoid any excess cars on the freeway. Time to just relax on this Sunday and prepare for the week ahead.

Thanks for reading,