I haven’t been on a hike in awhile and I decided to go and tackle the Wisdom Tree hike that I see so often on my Instagram feed. (Granted, I was quite buzzed when I decided to go but hey, I did it). Originally I had planned to go by myself but I thought to ask my sister Danielle. (She’s not really my biological sister, but we can pass as siblings, no?).

Danielle had told me that she would only be down if we left at 7am that morning as she had to attend church. I set my alarm for 6am Sunday morning and forced myself off the couch. It’s been quite some time since Danielle and I have gone hiking together.. perhaps 3 years??! The last time I went on a hike with her was at Griffith Park and that was a challenge! I wasn’t so “in shape” back then and she kept on saying the peak was just around the corner but you know, she said that about 8 different times. Let’s just say I have trust issues with her when out in nature lol.

I picked her up and we headed on a 20 minute drive to the Tree of Life Trail. To get to the trail, we had to drive through a residential street with such amazing modern homes. (NOTE: it’s probably best to pay attention to the signs that said “Dead End”, “No Outlet”, “Residential Parking Only”. I had to u-turn on a very slim road). Once we had found a parking spot off the street, we started our hike.

The hike itself wasn’t so bad, the whole thing was less than 2 miles roundtrip. It was however very steep. I had no issues as I frequently do go hiking and the trails I’ve been on are usually way more than 2 miles. Danielle admitted that she hasn’t been so active outdoors lately so it was more of a challenge for her. I pushed her to succeed and we were both very proud.

The views were quite a site to see! We could see across many different county’s. We managed to point out Warner Bros. Studios as well as Universal Studios. I finally saw Harry Potter World as well! I have yet to go but once I gain the funds, I’m definitely going. I’ve gotta have butter beer and purchase my own wand. I’d be one very happy camper 🙂

We were greeted at the peak with an American flag as well as Wisdom Tree itself. There was only one other person up there but we did cross by some hikers making their way down. Good thing we got there early cause it got packed real quick! I highly suggest this hike if you want something easy on a Sunday morning. Under Wisdom Tree was a crate of letters from hikers that have made their way to the top. We didn’t have a pen to contribute but heres my blog post to prove it haha. There are other trails at the peak as well but I wasn’t sure where they would lead. We also could semi see the Hollywood Sign on the other side of the hill by the Griffith Observatory as well. Be careful when making your way back down! There is a lot of loose dirt and we had quite a few close calls.

Check out the photos below and please excuse my back sweat lol. Also, can we just appreciate the awesome portrait mode on the iPhone?! I love it.

Until next time,


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