So the time has come. Our one year lease at our first apartment was coming to a close. A lot has happened in the last couple of months. Richard and I decided to leave our relationship behind.

The decision to split was not something we planned out to happen but we both want to continue being in each others lives. I know what you’re thinking; “It’ll never work being friends and living together still”. But honestly, I truly believe that if two people want a friendship to work after being together for such a long time, both parties have to put in the effort to keep the friendship alive. We’re doing just that, we’re still the best of friends and that really does make the this change easier.

After continuous searching for a bigger space, we came across an ad on Craigslist for a two bedroom apartment just down the street from our current one. Same landlord too! I took that as a sign that we were still meant to live together and close one chapter and begin anew.

I’ve been wanting to post this for awhile now but we haven’t had internet all week! The struggle is too real. We’ve lived at our new apartment for a week now and it has come along quite nicely! A huge thanks to Richard’s mom and sister as well as my dad and brother for coming down and helping us move. Luckily for us, the new place is right down the street so moving back and forth was a breeze. But I have to admit.. moving sucks! We started early in the morning and it was exhausting. All week Richard and I have been ‘go go go’ traveling back and forth from the store to get items for the much bigger space. We’re pretty much done with the decorating for now.. There’s a couple of small things we could get but theres no rush on that. šŸ™‚

We both start school soon so we’re both going to be very busy! Kinda looking forward to school, kinda not haha. We both got down with some DIY furniture. Richard built this really neat bench for our patio (yes, we have a patio now!) and he’s getting down with his gardening. We went to the Pasadena City College flea market not too long ago and swiped this huge tin container as well as this vintage style wooden crate. Soon we’ll have our own “succulent forest” as he calls it haha. I built us a coffee table made from wine crates that I came across on Pinterest too that I’ve been wanting to make for such a long time but our old apartment was too small unfortunately.

I don’t have much else to write at the moment but check out a couple of photos of our DIY’s down below:

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Thanks for reading, until next time,