10.07.17 – 10.09.17

This past weekend a group of us reserved a camping spot up in Yosemite in camp Wawona. Packing for this trip was a cinch! There was a lot we were bringing but we truly have became seasoned campers as everything we needed was already ready to go 😉

…but we did forget our chairs and table smh.

We got up around 4AM. Actually, we attempted to get up at 4 but rolled around until 5 and met up with our friends Angie, Alex, Mauricio & Amber at 6. I had never really noticed before but our group trips somehow always end up being “couples” trips haha. With the exception of me and Richard but we’re still a package deal ;D

Angie & Alex ventured with us in my car and we all grabbed a quick bite to eat in Santa Clarita. We first stopped at Vons to stock up on food and extra supplies then headed to Brothers Burgers to grab some bomb breakfast burritos. (Guac included inside your burrito? I was sold).

The drive was about 5 hours but it wasn’t bad at all! The first day was planned to be a chill site seeing day so we did just that. We made it to Wawona where we reserved our campsite and noticed on a flyer that the rodents in the area could potentially have contracted the plague! Richard and I were not aware of that before coming but I feel fine as I’m typing this so we lucked out thankfully haha.

After setting up camp we headed out to Yosemite Valley. Originally we had planned to go to Tuolumne Meadows but that was about another 2 hours away from our campsite so we passed. Next time! Before heading to Yosemite Valley, we stopped by Tunnel View lookout. After snapping some pictures, we decided to grab pizza in Yosemite Village but parking was so horrible! Definitely noticed it as being a very popular tourist spot. We parked quite a bit of ways and walked through this open field which was really nice.

After eating we headed back to the campsite and called it a night early to get up early again in the morning to begin our hike to Half Dome. The weather was pretty cold but not as cold as our previous trip in San Gorgornio. This hike was intense! It definitely tested us physically, mentally and emotionally. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for these very steep wide steps going up. The scenery however was very beautiful. The whole trip was about 14-16 miles. Richard and I didn’t make the very last mile to the top of Half Dome because we’re both scared of heights but the rest of the group made it safe.

Now the hard part.

Generally, going back down a mountain takes half the amount of the time to get up it which is true in a sense. But we were stuck with obstacles on the way back down. With about 2.5 miles left from this restroom spot (so we thought), the sun had set and we were in complete darkness. Turned on our headlamps and continued pushing. After we completed the 2.5 miles, we came across a sign that it was another 1.1 miles to Yosemite Valley! That really struck a nerve with us cause we were already feeling anxious and exhausted. Hiking back in the dark was not a fun task at all, we came across coyotes and skunks. Going back down those steep steps was definitely the worst as it felt like we could easily fall forward. Crazy enough, we came across backpackers who were just barely starting going up the hike! We could never.

We finally made it back to the car and we all were just crying on the inside. All of us were so exhausted and everything, I mean everything; hurt. We headed back to camp to cook up some dinner. Amber made a really good lasagna and they had brought carne asada to cook up as well.

That night was bittersweet in a way since Richard was heading out to Texas the following day for 45-days to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief. Richard and I headed back home early, luckily the drive was really easy for a Monday morning. We stopped to get a last lunch together at Sugar Fish. 

Here are some photos of the trip and I will be posting a vlog of the trip up on my youtube account shortly too 🙂

Thanks for reading, I know it was a lot this time,