For a friends birthday celebration we went to an Asian hot pot restaurant called Mokkoji in Rowland Heights, CA.

We’ve been to many different Shabu places and this one was really good! Shabu pretty much is a soup dish that is heated through a plate on your table (some locations have share pots, others offer individual pots), and you choose what meat or vegetarian item as well as a broth and cook the items yourself. Don’t worry about having to pay extra for veggies, they’re included! I ordered a spicy miso soup base with toro beef as my meat dish.

Mokkoji happened to have draft beer on tap so we ordered a couple (buy one, get one!) and ordered some grape flavored soju as well. I’ve gotta say, the grape flavor is SO GOOD. I can’t stress that enough, I’m craving some just thinking about it right now haha.

If you’re ever in the Rowland Heights/Walnut area on a cold rainy day, I highly suggest you check this place out!