Today we had to get up early to catch a train from Roaring Camp to take us to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. The train was scheduled to leave at 10:15am to arrive at the boardwalk approximately 11:15am. Getting to Roaring Camp wasn’t too much of a hassle, it was actually only six minutes from our Airbnb 😉

The train itself was definitely old and vintage. The seating was draped with velvet and the ceilings covered with cobwebs. Kind of felt like we walked into that movie Murder on the Orient Express! Great movie by the way, I recommend it.

We finally got to the pier and did what everyone does on the pier.. ride the coasters! And eat, of course. My favorite coaster was the big roller coaster named the 5th oldest coaster in California? America?.. someone correct me.. The coaster was so fast and it reminded me of my Disney annual pass holder days. Rip.

Fun fact: the Santa Cruz Boardwalk is where they shot the 80’s cult classic, The Lost Boys. Go check out that movie too if you haven’t already.

The train wouldn’t leave back to Roaring Camp until 4:15pm so we had a lot of time to kill. We went on a couple more rides, grabbed fair food consisting of smoothies, roasted corn, dippin’ dots and nachos. We then blew some money at the arcade and left with a little baby shark stuffed animal (doo doo doo doo doo).

We ended the night with some burgers and ribs (with dessert), at Bruno’s Bar and Grill.

Check out photos below and thanks again for reading 🙂